Lesson 10:

The Secret Behind Leaderboards

Watch lesson here:

In this video you will learn how to motivate your users using Leaderboards.

Yu-kai Chou will teach you how to do so without demoralising your users – remember not everyone likes to be in constant competition. A way to avoid this is by ensuring their goals are attainable and that there is urgent optimism. (A piece of good advice in general, really.)

In This Valuable Lesson You Will Learn:

  • The psychology behind only showing users those directly above and below them on the leaderboards (not the top players who they can never reach)
  • The importance of social leaderboards and why people feel more motivated when they are up against people that they know.
  • Why Micro-Leaderboards can be the better option.
  • The importance of Refreshing Leaderboards – if users know that the board refreshes every week they will feel they have a chance to get on the top
  • How Leaderboards help community building

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